Billionaires on a Boat

A festival associated with a celestial body.
-Dimi & Janet
  An esoteric group of elite, wealthy businesspeople meet annually on a yacht for a private party at sunset.


It is not known exactly how many years the Eventide Billionaire Collective have been meeting, but it is suspected that the celebration has occurred annually for over fifteen years. The entities involved in the organization have changed very little as time has passed, but, due to their secretive nature, not many details are revealed to the public.  


In the early afternoon, the members of the Eventide Billionaire Collective assemble at the coast a remote island (determined aforehand) to initiate a toast before gathering upon the deck of the Penumbra and setting sail out towards the west following the sun as it recedes into the night. Once on board, the buisnesspeople chat about their plans and progress until they are far out on the water and the sun is nearly down. They then propose another toast and the party begins. They can be at sea for days or even weeks before they are heard from or seen on land again.

Components and tools

Only the finest, high-end luxuries are provided at this event. From the decor to the food and drinks, all is prepared by the Penumbra's resident waitstaff.


Only the exclusive members of Eventide Billionaire Collective are invited to the event. Besides the waitstaff, no one but them have experienced it firsthand. Many secret organizations, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. included, have attempted to spy on them discreetly with drones, satilites, and other devices, but not much substantial incriminating information has ever successfully been gleaned from afar. Many hope to get a mole in to discover things from the inside, but the Eventide Billionaire Collective knows this. As a result, they are very wary of allowing other billionaires to join. They are often even untrusting of each other, fearing that somebody among them may be unfaithful to the group and spill secrets in exchange for money or power.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Listen here; you haven't been to a real party if you haven't been to Billionaires on a Boat. An elite club of luxurious rich people eating luxurious food and drinking luxurious drinks on a luxurious yacht on the luxurious sea under the luxurious sun. Luxurious.   *dazedly gazes into space*   ....well... yeah yeah. I know you probably wish you could be invited to that, but, TRUST ME. You won't be able to relax very much if you are ever fortunate enough--or UNFORTUNATE ENOUGH (depends on how you look at it)-- to be assigned to that operation. Keep your guard up. Trust no one. Many people stoop really low to achieve high wealth, and these billionaires are shady as heck, so, be careful.   Hey wait. If you do get assigned, you aren't supposed to be just chillin' anyway. Do you know how many years we've stalked these guys!? It would be a shame to make it that far just to get a drunk agent back with no information, or a dead agent not back and we don't know what the heck happened.


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