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Night of the Second Sun

The Second Sun is an astronomical phenomenon, observed when al-Yuraea (the Firefly) intersects the moon. A trail of fire across the night sky, al-Yuraea is often the most visible star of the night sky, and roughly every 3.4 years, the trail of fire crosses the path of the moon. Gradually engulfing moon as the two celestial bodies cross paths, the light of al-Yuraea shines brighter upon the land than any other day. In many places, the crossing of the moon and al-Yuraea is met with festival, and nowhere more prominently than in Runber.
  The next crossing of the Firefly and the moon is predicted to start when the clock strikes midnight after the 22nd of February in the 514th Year of the Prophet.


The day of al-Yuraea does not fit into the calendar, for it is an additional day, added in every 3.4 years when the Firefly crosses the moon. Done to prevent the calendar from gradually going out of step with the seasons, the day and particularly the night of al-Yuraea are a time of revelry. Cities, towns, and villages alike organize festivals, starting when the Firefly first intersects the moon. By tradition, all activities during this time are done by moonlight. The moon of the Night of the Second Sun is thought to be especially potent, and charms against lycantrophy are hung from doorways and revelers frequently wear crowns of wolfsbane on their heads. However, protection from werevolves is merely the prelude to the main activities of the night. The Firefly is generally taken as an opportunity to let loose and party through the night.   Though the temple may disapprove, alcohol flows freely on the night of al-Yuraea. Most revelers stay up until dawn, and traditionally the night begins with dances and contests. However, as all involved become more and more intoxicated, any order the festivities may have had quickly disintegrates. The crossing of the Firefly is an opportunity to do and say what you want for a night, and at the end of the night, all is forgiven and forgotten. No contract signed on the Night of the Second Sun is valid, and generally the following day is spent in a collective hangover haze. The day after that, life in Runber returns to normal.
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