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Night of a Thousand Tears

Once every 43 years, on the Night of a Thousand Tears, the skies blaze with thousands of shooting stars. A sign of changing times, the tears are said to represent old souls, finally finding peace and moving on to Acafa, the "otherworld". World-changing events have often happened around this night, from empires falling to prophets being born to gods being born into creation. The Night also marks a time when the dead are as close to the world of the living as they can be, with the citizens of Calócafa, the city of the dead, often walking the world once again.


The Night of a Thousand Tears is as old a tradition as anyone can remember. It's been a sign of changing times, often with huge world events happening in the months and years that surround the night. The traditions have evolved and changed as the people have - new technologies and magicks have been incorporated as well as new types of offerings and rituals.


The rituals of the Night often begin with observers practicing remembrance and thankfulness for their ancestors and those souls that are passing on. They erect altars and leave offerings for the spirits in the world. Since the holiday is often a once-in-a-lifetime event, observers often gather in large groups, holding feasts and huge bonfires where they celebrate with music, song, food, and wine.


Clerics of Fufa, the god of death, are usually the busiest during this time - preparing for the celebration, counseling grieving families, and making grand offerings to Fufa.


The rites of the Night are observed for the entire month before the event, with each week leading up to the event adding more and more events. It starts simple, with altars and offerings, escalating to huge parties, grand balls, and massive bonfires every night during the last week.

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