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The Twilight Festival

The Twilight Festival is a festival celebrated in late spring or early summer on the continent of Madovar and on the areas where the second, smaller moon can be observed. Generally, the Festival time lasts for three to four days, culminating to the point when the second moon is full. In some places the festivities can even last a whole week!
During the Twilight Festival its most important to have fun. It's time of little, good-willed mischief and banter. People dance, eat good food, and get drunk. Games are also an essential part of the festival.


Even if the original reason to celebrate The Twilight Festival is to revere The Laughing Twins, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy the mood, which is something people usually like, even those who do not care about religion. The Festival offers a convenient moment of merriment after the busy spring of planting seeds and taking care of the fields and livestock, but before the autumn harvest is due.


The Beginning of the festival is not usually even announced; people start it by playing good-willed pranks on each other, but when the second moon is full, it's time to sing few songs and tell tales dedicated to the Laughing Twins. The Festival continues with its own momentum, so it depends solely on the festival-goers themselves how long they want to party. Usually the festival comes to an end couple of days after the Moon has been full, but there are stories of the Festival continuing for couple of weeks after the full moon. At some point the people still need to return to their jobs and begin to work on the fields again.

Components and tools

Good food and drink are essential for people to enjoy themselves. On the other hand, undergarment -especially bloomers- are an important part of the festival. It is a tradition, especially among the adolescents, to exchange undergarments (doesn't matter if they have been worn or not) with those you like and would like to deepen your relationship with in a romantic or platonic manner. Sometimes this bloomer-exchange turns into a gotta catch 'em all situation, because the person who has acquired most of them gets to hoist them on a flagpole which has been built on a central place of the town or village, usually marketplace. People try to trick each other to give them their bloomers, often by making up riddles which should be answered or tasks which are to be performed. All of this happens in good humor and it is frowned upon to give people impossible riddles or tasks.


The Twilight Festival is extremely popular among the common folk, especially on the countryside. The ruling class does not always understand the peasants' need for such merriment, but there has been couple of exemplary cases of how things will go sour if one is to stop the Twilight Festival too soon: people have revolted and a few castles have been burned during the years. In general, the mood is merry and joyous, with a hint of mischievousness. 
Children usually wait eagerly for the Twilight Festival to begin, because jokes and little mischief are allowed, even encouraged. Though, the golden rule is that no one should get hurt.
During the Twilight Festival, the social norms are more lax: a peasant can talk to a priest or a mayor like they were equal in every sense.


The Twilight Festival takes place when the smaller moon is full and the bigger moon is new, in late spring or early summer, to celebrate The Laughing Twins.
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Thank you Tiirikka for inspiration! I hope Titus, a cleric of The Laughing Twins, will have nice memories about the Twilight Festival.


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