Festival of Community

"It is important that everyone is able to do their part when they can, we are so small that we can only survive by working together and getting along. Infighting would surely be the death of us all."
The Festival of Community is a festival celebrated by the Miinu.  

Theme & Mythos

The festival is about the miinuvian creation myth, where Mariposa the Hive created the world with an army of giant insects that she birthed.   The holiday is about deriving a sense of community from the people around you and working together to support the whole. It's about every person having a role to play, no matter of small or seemingly insignificant.


Miinu will come together as a group to set up a nice festival grounds, building the stands and setting up games and activities, while guests are asked to bring food or entertainment. It's a social event that requires the whole village to come together and make a spectacular event.   The festival will usually happen in the evening, usually inside a safe structure, as the large amount of bugs in the area and glimmering festival lights can attract predators. Usually there will be games to play or entertainment to view at the festival. If enough food is brought, there will be a big feast where the whole village is allowed to eat as much as they want, as long as everyone is able to get a fair share. Selfishness or rudeness is not tolerated, and bad eggs will be banned from the festival.  

Solo Celebration

Sadly, not every miinu is able to join in on the festivals. It's not an unusual sentiment to feel lonely on this holiday if one ends up in that position. If a miinu doesn't have family to spend time with, they can go out and do something for someone else who is also lonely, or simply do something to improve the environment around them .
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