The greatest festival in Gran Saminism that happens every 4-5 days in the evenning a durning the 15th Ides of the day. The festival is a time of religious reflection and fasting followed by a time of celebration with family and friends.  
As Kerms and Samin reunite let us pray that we may one day achive such perfection in Samins embrace.
-Classic Saminset Toast
  In reality the party often turns into a cycles long raging party filled with drinking, games, and debautchery.  
S-samin blesss my s-sp-spirits!!!
-Traditional party toast


The festival is held when both Min and Kerms eclispe each other in the 15th Ides Cycle when the sun nears the horizon. Kerms and Min ecpilse eachother 3 times every day, but it is only every 4-5 days that the eclispe happens near sunset.  
Saminset celeration by davitydave
The festival starts out with 4 cycles of fasting and church services. Where the onlt food one can eat is small portions handed during the service. After 4 cycles of fasting, the remaining 4 cycles are meant to be a clebration of one family and comunity. However, often time the party gets out of hand and devoles into a city wide street party with games of physical prowess and drinking to excess.  

Eclesiastical Garthering

In addition to the public pray and celebration, the festival is also a time for the relgious heads to gather in Durbarrak or Nil and perform a uniting of the faith with esoteric rituals involing discussing any current theological issues.


While the current festival is about refecting ones purity to Gran Barsaminic ideals, the festival origanates from the anceint Shar Granic Faiths on the Plains of Tern. There festival was a gathering of the tribal leaders at there sacred city of Durbarrak. It was a time to hash out difference between tribes and show ones physical prowess. This is where the tradition of parties and games of physical prowess come from.   The reason the festival is held near to but not at sunset, is that the anceint Tern Bas would hold the festival when the sun eclipsed kerms and set behind the Gran Pillar, as seen from glassy calm Eath's Pool.

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