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The Delnari Coalition

The last major power in the region is the The Delnari Coalition , based around the metropolis of Delnari. While the city itself has dominated the trade on the lower Strepslim since the signing of the The Strepslim Accords over 1000 days ago, Delnari did not become a fully independent city until 4070 when they broke away from the Vordenlan empire and established the The Delnari Coalition . The coalition is led by the Delnari Great Council, composed of the heads of the seven great merchant Mars , extended families and the basic political sturtuce of the coalition. The council must approve by a majority of any action the coalition undertakes. Due to the family rivalries and the power sharing of the 7 families, Delnari Coalition is often slow to act constantly facing an internal power struggle. Yet this delicate balance of power has maintained itself for over 450 days. While the Delnari Great Council oversees the whole coalition, many other smaller councils control specific aspects of the coalition. For example, the Delnari Merchants Council controls the rules around trading and which families are in control of the guilds of the city. Each guild is granted a charter to produce and trade a specific type of good or service. Some goods and services are monopolies controlled by only one guild and family, while other goods are controlled by multiple guilds and families.   The laws in the coalition are controlled by The Justice Council. The council is responsible for appointing magistrates who apply the The Delnari Common Law Code to individual cases. The magistrates are supposed to be seen as impartial judges appointed in an impartial manner. However, due to the power to appoint magistrates The Justice Council is the second most powerful council in the coalition below the Great Council. The council is composed of 35 members serving 10 day terms and the Great Council appoints 7 new members every other day. The actual magistrates who apply the code are organized in two groups, The Delnari Common Court presides over all cases brought to the court, and the Delnari Stell Court provides the final ruling in controversial or high profile cases.
Controlled Territories

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