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The religion that devloped in the Tresbort Lakes region . The religion was based around the belief that Didome was filled with multitudes of different spirits of vary levels of potency and that by worshiping the major spirits one could gain protection from the wrath of Herms. Spirists are generally organized on a spectrum with the lowest level of spirits based around individual objects. The next level of spirit is based around groups of objects, families, towns, needle grass fields. The next level is spirits of idea, nature, travel, water. The final level is only composed of @herms himself who seeks to destroy the world, and the spirit of Barsamin  herself who rules over all the other spirits and seeks to protect everyone from Herms and seek revenge. The prophet Da harka Darmin provided this hiearch when she crafted the Great Nossic teachings during her spirit visions.

Cover image: by Cory Brooke-deBock


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