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Festival of Lugeas

In Honour of Teldrinne's Loyal Son

The Festival of Lugeas is a festival hosted annually in the first week of spring each year. This festival is held in the honour of Lugeas, the third child of Teldrinne. Teldrinne is the goddess worshipped in Ilk-nean Faith and Lugeas was known as her protector, defender and supporter.  

Course of the Festival

The festival starts the first day of the first week of spring and lasts the week out. There are different activities during the full week, and it is acceptable to choose and pick what festivities you want to be a part of. You are not expected to take part in every single thing, as that would tire most people out in a matter of days.  

The first day

The first day is the initiation of the festival, and it is customary to meet up at the crack of dawn for a sparring round since Lugeas was known as a protector and fighter with great sword skills.   The winner of the tournament is crowned Protector of Alinage for the year. This is purely a symbolic title and doesn't come with any responsibilities whatsoever.   The day ends with a meal eaten together, this meal is often either chosen by the elders or the Protector of Alinage.

Second and Third Day

On these days, the isle of Alinage is first cleaned up and later new trees and plants will be planted. On the evenings of these two days, everyone gathers around bonfires in the evenings to sing and tell stories.  

Third and Fourth Day

The third and fourth day has everyone decorating the settlements around Aliange with flowers and braided hay. Games are set up for the children and songs are sung in the evenings about Lugeas and his doings.  

The Sixth day

On the sixth day, another sword tournament is held, this time only for the kids. Whoever wins gets to decide what community dinner will be eaten on the seventh day.   Stories are told around the bonfire in the evening and bread is baked on sticks over the fire.  

The seventh day

The seventh day starts out with a morning prayer to Lugeas and Teldrinne. Usually, people thank them for everything good in their life and wish protection upon Alinage and their families friends, and community.   During the day, everyone spends time with whoever they wish to, and in the evening they gather around the fire one last time to tell stories of Lugeas and his bravery. If there are no clouds everyone gathers to look at the Teldrinne Constellation and many pray as they look at the Lugeas star.
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A star in the Teldrinne Constellation. It's very important for navigation by sea in Dysvoll.

Timing of the Festival
The Teldrinne Constellation has a star named in Lugeas' honour, and the festival is held when Lugeas, the star, points north during spring.   The reason the festival is held in spring is both due to the appearance of the celestial body, but also because that is when scholars estimated Lugeas was born, from what was written in the old texts.

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