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The people of the sacred forests

Written by ninne124

We respect nature and all of the creatures that roam the lands; we live alongside them.   The Hanes though, they plunder the forests of its trees and critters and the sea of its fish. It's in their nature to ruin and destroy anything, simply gain more riches.
— Local Ciple
  The Ciples are a Northern Dysvollean ethnic group found primarily in Hanalund and on the island of Alinage. The Ciples are known for their religion, the Ilk-nean Faith, which is vastly different from the faith of the Hanes.  


Fair skin, freckles, light eyes and defined jaws are some of the most common traits to identify a Ciple by. It's fairly easy to spot them in a crowd in Hanalund since their skin could be compared to beacons when the sun shines on them.  
Common Phenotypes

Common Phenotypes

Listed below are some of the most common phenotypes seen in the Ciples. Technically, someone of ciple descent could look like anything, if they had one non-ciple parent who diverged vastly from the general ciple appearance. However, they don't like to pair up with people outside of their own ethnicity. If they do, they're often from Kanden and though there are differences, most of the people up north share some traits.  

Skin Tones

Ciples are known for being sickly pale. Their skin tone ranges from porcelain to rosy ivory. They generally have red undertones in their skin as well as a tendency to have freckles.
Most common skin tones

Hair colours

The most common hair colours include platinum blonde, blonde, strawberry blonde, ginger brown and a light golden brown. Very few Ciples have dark coloured hair, the most common is fair to medium. Their hair is usually completely straight.
Most common hair colours
Platinum Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Ginger Brown
Golden Brown

Eye colours

The most common eye colours range from a medium brown to sea green.
Most common eye colours
Medium Brown
Pine Green
Sea Green



The Ciples are very connected to nature and their values about preserving it and living alongside it are woven into everything they do. It is one of the things that really distinguish their culture from the other ethnic groups found around Kanden.  

General World-View

They believe that every creature was created equally and with the same capability for emotions. However, that's not to say that they were created with the same intelligence and Ciples frown upon people who believe that you can have a relationship with an animal, besides pet-like companionship.  

Animal Products

Ciples are against eating animals, as they consider it murder to slaughter an animal to eat the meat from it. However, they are not against keeping animals for wool, milk or eggs.   As long as it doesn't harm the animal and they live under good conditions with access to fresh air, grasslands and good food, it is not frowned upon.

Preservation of Habitats

The Ciples take what they need from the nature surrounding them, but never more than that. They also make sure to leave enough for the animals living in the areas.   They're against deforestation as it ruins many natural habitats and pushes some animals to migrate or even causes them to die out. This is were most of their conflict with the Hanes come from.
Encompassed species
Related Locations

Geographic Location | Dec 29, 2020

An island right of the coast of Hanalund. Home to the Ciples.


Conflicts with the Hanes

When the Hanes came to the area, the Ciples mainly lived on Alinage which was luckily left alone. However, after 10 years of the Hanes settling on Hanalund, they ran out of wood to chop down, so they came to Alinage and cut down a large area of trees in the middle of the island.   This instigated a huge conflict. Not because they stole the resources of the Ciples, but because they didn't respect the nature or the animals who lived there.   To this day, the Ciples resent the Hanes, and they only interact with them when they have to. Some Ciples need to go to Hanalund to trade goods to survive, but if they can avoid it, they will.  

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