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The Blue Moon Festival

The Blue Moon Festival is a celebration of the moon at its brightest and biggest of the year, and many describe the moon as appearing with a blue tint to its glow. This festival is celebrated much like The Festival of the Harvest Moon
, in that everyone from the village gathers to eat, drink, and be merry. The townsfolk dress in their best blue outfits, and many make deserts made with blueberries, and decorate with blue flowers. The children laugh and play games together while the adults talk and dance to the music played by the town’s best musicians. The festival is celebrated in winter, and although it is cold out in many areas, people don’t seem to mind too much. Instead, people gather outside or in their houses, laughing and having a good time. Many drink aged blueberry wine, fermenting since last year. They prepare the wine the night of the festival and do not drink it until the next year’s festival comes back around. Many children will paint each other’s faces with blue clay, and run around playing games in the moonlight. Many take this event as a spiritual one, praying to whichever god they believe in, or simply just thanking the stars for a good year. This festival is considered the year wrapping itself up, and paving the way for the new year to be better. A traditional outfit for this festival consists of a blue dress or blue suit, and many people take to wearing winter flowers in their hair or as jewelry. Many children will learn how to weave flowers into each other’s hair as part of the festivities, and village elders will tell the younger ones stories from their pasts.

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