The elves' annual celebration of winter. Nivalatiivas is celebrated on Morza 14, when the Frost Moon is full.  


Nivalatiivas has been celebrated by the elves ever since the Unification . Before then, different elven clans had their own rituals to honor Nival, the Goddess of Winter. King Lordaerel held the first Nivalatiivas in C'Oros Diin, wearing a circlet of glistening almenvâhn leaves. A great feast was prepared, and the first bottles of Diinian Wine were shared by the family that learned how to cultivate and brew almenvâhn sap. At midnight, Lordaerel stepped into a circle of the Frost Moon's light and offered a prayer to the goddess Nival and her father Florian asking for a gentle winter and a smooth return of spring. Since that first celebration, festivals have been held every year beneath the boughs of the Tree of Dreams.  


Every year, the King of the Wood travels to C'Oros Diin to celebrate the coming of winter. The main celebration takes place from sunset to midnight on Morza 14, and is started by the King opening the first bottle of Diinian Wine brewed that season and the Woodspeaker donning a circlet of leaves from the first almenvâhn to blossom that year. Many elves choose to celebrate throughout the day as well with games, music, and dancing. After the King's toast, the elves gather around the many feast tables to eat and talk. Shortly before midnight, the dryads of C'Oros Diin perform an elegant dance before curling up between the World Tree's roots to slumber for winter. After the last dryad enters its hibernation, the King and Woodspeaker enter the ritual pool of moonlight and give thanks to Florian and Nival, speaking the same prayer that the first King did at the first Nivalatiivas.
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