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A world rife with magic and mystery, where gods walk and dragons soar. Dálnaes was created through the Dreams of Malorel as a bastion of life in the infinite Void, and as a buffer against the insatiable hunger of Chaos.
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This is the official site for the world of Dálnaes, which is the setting for a fantasy book series in the works. Some pages may contain spoilers for plot, character, location, etc.   Reader discretion is advised.
Dálnaes is currently undergoing major organization changes. Articles will be moving, and may change as you read them. If you encounter an error, please return to the homepage and re-search for the article you're looking for.   Comments and suggestions are much appreciated!
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A New World

Sun, Jun 5th 2022 02:00
Hi everyone! I wanted to announce that I've created a new world called the Vast. I've stagnated a lot on Dalnaes lately, and I'm very excited to be creating something new again. Please take a look if you have time. I'm not abandoning Dalnaes completely, but my attention will be focused on the Vast for the foreseeable future. Unlike Dalnaes, the Vast is a very open-ended universe with lots of room for growth, and I'm 100% open to suggestions for new aspects of it.
  To travel to a new universe, click here >> The Vast