Zavi (ZAH-vee)

"The sareshi are the greatest of hunters. We, the Zavi, are greater."
— a zavi'kumaj boast

The zavi'kumaj ("clan of the claw") is the third-largest clan of the kumajai. Their territory is deep in the Y'dak, where most others fear to wander. Their name comes from the claws they adorn themselves with, taken from lions, desert hounds, ygua, and even the deadly sareshi. They are the only clan known to capture and tame sareshi, using them as guard animals and hunting companions.



Though they don't stop others from traveling through it, the Zavi consider the area known as the Ui'nak to be their territory, and regularly patrol its edge. They keep a large, semi-permanent settlement near the Gandani Oasis, where most of their interactions with other clans and travelers takes place.



There are two rare and valuable resources that the zavi control: sundava and black sun crystals. Sundava leaves are highly valued as a spice, and its petals have a rare red-orange color that makes a rich dye prized by merchants and nobility alike. Black sun crystals are even more valuable, as mining them is difficult and dangerous. The Zavi use these resources to trade with other clans for food, horses, access to water, and other necessities.



The Zavi are a private and quiet people, emulating the sareshi they hunt and tame. They are merciful hunters but merciless warriors; when challenged by na'kumaj warriors or Glÿfen raiders, they prefer to kill rather than capture. This has led to them having a reputation as xenophobes, though they have no quarrel with outsiders as long as they come and go in peace.



Because of their location deep in the desert, the Zavi don't interact with other clans often. When they do, it is usually with the Wari and the Satva, whose territories border theirs. In lean times, they will send small groups to the The Kuvant and to trade with the burijai


Despite an isolationist reputation, the Zavi have no quarrel with the empire, even going so far as to guide imperial soldiers through the Ui'nak in pursuit of fugitives. In recent years, they have developed a close bond with the Sul'ri, which is led by one of their own warriors.

  • western Kaer Thalion, within the Y'dak on the edge of the Ui'nak

  • Appearance & Adornments

    Hair: worn long, in simple horsetails or multiple braids

    Clothing: loose, sand-colored garments for camouflage in the desert

    Jewelry: frequently made of bone, with claws prominently displayed

    Body Markings: clan members are given the Mark of the Claw at birth, a tattoo featuring three "claw marks" on their lower arm

    Other: --

    Religious Focus

    Due to their proximity to the Ui'nak the Zavi have a stronger reverence for death and darkness than their kin. To that end, they offer regular sacrifices to Norok and Nokra. At the end of the cold season, they throw a festival devoted to the departure of the darkness and the return of the sun.

    Geopolitical, Clan



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