The term 'na'kumaj' was once used by the kumajai in reference to anyone not of the desert clans. As relationships between the kingdom and the clans grew closer, eventually resulting in the alliance they have today, the term came to be used specifically for those who belonged to the groups of raiders that frequent the deep desert and southern coastal waters. These "non-clans" are universally hated by the kumajai, and treated harshly by warriors of the kingdom. Many na'kumaj kidnap women and children from the clans to sell to Glyfen slavers. Because of their blatant disregard for both clan and kingdom law, the kingdom has given the clans leave to treat the na'kumaj as they see fit. The kingdom regards na'kumaj as rogues and murderers that are barely better than the slavers they sell to, and thus cares little if the clans kill them. The kumajai are pleased with this arrangement, as it means they can deliver justice their way rather than waiting for a kingdom official. However, most clans will still hold any captives they take for the Sul'ri to transport to the capital.

Origin: Thali    Translation: non-clan/clanless   Related Articles: The Kumajai | Caer Thalion


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