The language of Kaer Thalion, Thali has many different dialects used by the various clans throughout the empire. The official dialect of Kaer Thalion, used primarily in the capital and throughout the Fertile Coast, is called Thalik. Other dialects are named based on their origin (ex. dun'thali is the dialect used by the Dunage clan).

Naming conventions are relatively strict compared to other kingdoms. Male names are derived from words of strength and virtue, and more often end in 'a', 'an', or 'ak/ek'. Female names often bear meanings of beauty, grace, and tranquility, almost always ending in 'a' or 'i'.

Family names are taken either directly from a person's father (ex. the son of Jara would use the surname Jara'bahkai) or from a virtuous ancestor, as is common in long-established noble or merchant families (ex. et'Jara would mean 'blood of Jara' and adi'Jara or ki'Jara would mean 'joined with Jara/Jara's blood', used by those married into the family). When identifying oneself, a Thali will usually give their full, formal name, which includes their individual name, their father's name, and their family name. For women, they include their birth family name as well as their married family name, and the et is dropped (ex. Kali Manajai adi'Jara would be Kali of the Manajai family who married into the Jara family).

Writing System

With a few exceptions among dialects, Thali uses the same lettering system as Etherean, Glyfen, and Elbri.


Thalik is often considered a rough language, though it uses less harsh sounds than Glÿfen or Kilgrothian. Individual sounds are sharp and distinct, allowing smooth communication and less chance of misinterpretation. Each letter has a specific sound, unlike Etherean and Elbri where some letters can be spoken differently. Letter sounds only change when used in specific combinations, which evolved from the letters' individual sounds (ex. 'ai' is pronounced 'eye' from the 'ah' and 'ee' sounds made by 'a' and 'i' spoken in swift succession).


A - 'ah'

B - 'b'

C - as in 'cat' (used only in the beginning of words)

D - 'd'

DJ - a soft 'd' followed by a sharp 'j'

E - 'eh' as in 'edible'

F - 'f'

G - as in 'gorilla'

H - as in 'he'

I - 'ee'

J - as in 'jump'

K - as in 'kick' (used in the middle at the end of words, unlike 'c' which is used at the beginning)


20 Words.


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