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Neveros, God of Death

Neveros is a member of the Circle of Ímlæs. He governs, Morza, the first month of the year, when the chilling moon is dominant.

Son of Malorel and Noxera

Both feared and respected by mortals across Dalnaes, Neveros is worshipped primarily by his priests, but others pray to him at funerals. Though born of two gods, Neveros has many characteristics of archons, and so is counted as one of them. On the rare occasion that he appears to mortals, he takes the form of a hooded figure in thick black robes with dark-feathered wings. He might also appear as a raven or a black owl.

Neveros rides across Dálnaes in a chariot formed of the shadows of Death, pulled by his steeds Desolation and Sorrow.


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