The Elven Unification

Era beginning/end


The end of the Chaos War and the beginning of Lordaerel's reign as the first King of the Wood, when all elven clans agreed to unite as one kingdom.

As the Chaos War finally came to an end, leaving the populations of elves, humans, and nelfyns greatly diminished, the elven clan leaders met with Lordaerel, who had been blessed by Malorel with the divine Staff of Dreams. Though he was clanless and had no desire to rule, the elves asked Lordaerel to be the first King of the Wood, as he was clearly favored by the gods. Lordaerel reluctantly accepted, and traveled to C'Oros Baal where, at the urging of Florian, he planted a small seed at the crown of the World Tree. This seed grew into a strange, silver-leafed rowan tree, its trunk taking the form of a chair, and became known as the Rowan Throne. From his new place as ruler of the Enchanted Wood, Lordaerel made peace with the humans and secured alliances with the nelfyn and beastfolk. Thus, the barbaric Elfrynic Era came to an end, and a new era of peace began.

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