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Teram is the event that occurs at the beginning of every new cycle (every 600 years). There is a celestial revamping of the magic disks that Turien is built on and under. The Loklong turns, twisting over the disks, encompassing them in a spherical shape, before settling back in its boundary of the circular borders of Turien's realm of existence.   Babies who are conceived or born during Teram will often have heightened or unique magical abilities.

New Cycle Festivities


The location varies per Teram, and there will often be several locations that house the day's festivities.  


It is expected that everyone in Turien will participate in the festival to the best of their ability.  


A large pavilion is built in preparation for the rehearsed 24-hour dance. Two dancers from each of the six races are on the pavilion during the entire 24 hours. Within each race, they can choose when to switch out partners so that no one person overtires.   Around the pavilion is an area for anyone to dance along as they like, with several poles set up with a large number of ribbons attached to the top. Popular with children, they take a ribbon each and run through each other, twisting their ribbons around the pole. When the number of original ribbons have been twisted around the pole, another set is added and the event continues until nightfall.  


While there is no particular festival food, it is customary for a person of one race to eat the food of any or all of the other races.  


Across Turien, ribbons and ribbon-like things (e.g. streams, magic, twigs, drawings) are placed around and danced with. They will appear from about the week before Teram, and many will be left for public use through the rest of the year after Teram.   Balls of magical light are created by as many people as can make them and put up across Turien. There is no particular order to this, as it is just another way to express the twisting and turning of the Locklong and their thanks for the magic they can use.  


There are various wrestling matches hosted through Turien. Although open to all, Beast-kin tend to either take the stage or tout themselves as 'Champion' of a tournament and invite other races to challenge them.   Tug of war is another match that is frequent on the day of Teram. Within the specified festival locations, ropes that have taken a number of months to weave are large enough to   'Thread the needle' is a race-like event that consists of a twisting racecourse filled with hoops. Racers are timed and can either fly or jump through the hoops, many utilizing their magic to also give them extra speed.


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