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Festival of Acceptance

Reconnect with the love He'an had for humanity

It's the time of year where we shed the parts of ourselves we construct for others, and embrace the parts of ourselves that are truly us.
— Festival Planner
  Once per year, during the waning summer months when the evenings are still warm, the countries of Moonfal and Ha'e hold the Festival of Acceptance. The event is held in the spirit of He'an, who above all else, treasured and loved humanity for what they are, rather than what they could or should be. It's a time of love, reconnecting, understanding, and above all else, accepting.    

Festival Days

The Festival of Acceptance is a three day event, with different stages of celebration and symbolism on each day. Throughout the festival, people wear grayscale or black and white clothing and accessories, to make them feel close to He'an.  

Day of Reveals

Let me introduce you to... me!
— Festival goer
The Festival first begins in the hours before dusk, while the sun is lazily drifting toward slumber. These early hours are the somber, quiet part of the entire event -- participants all wear masks, hiding their identies from all others.   When the sun does finally drop below the horizon, everyone in attendance turns to the sky, in search of first sight of the moon. When He'an eventually slides into view, the festivities truly begin; masks are removed, dropped, and forgotten about for the rest of the weekend. Friends, lovers, and family members embrace eachother as if meeting for the first time after a long absence, and re-introductions are made long into the night as the biggest party of the year goes down.  

Day of Discussions

So, what's new with you?
— Festival goer
The second day of festivities is marked by a friendly ambiance, full of discussion and heart to hearts. While nursing the far too likely hangovers from the previous night, people mingle throughout the festival grounds and chat with eachother about new reveals and personal changes discovered the night before. In general, the second day is a time to understand what those around you have been going through, how they're currently feeling, and what they want.


More than anything, He'an loved humanity as they were. This love was incredibly strong, and something that the majority of humans back then felt for He'an as well.   It is said that He'an once learned of what the future would bring for both them and humanity; on that day...
  He'an Wept.

Acceptance World-wide

Moonfal and Ha'e are not the only countries that participate in the Festival of Acceptance; while the numbers might be smaller, similar festivals have begun to spread to other countries as well. All countries that share the same continent as Moonfal and Ha'e have smaller scale Festivals of Acceptance, and farther away countries like Hansun or even Russin have started to take part.  

Day of Acceptance

On the final day, the true party begins. With their symbolic barriers removed on the first day, rest and discussion on the second, the festival goers are now prepared to celebrate that which they truly are. Drinks, food, music and joy can all be found in copious amounts on this last day, as everyone embraces the parts of themselves that makes them special, and who they are.


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14 Jul, 2021 21:43

What happens if someone doesn't want to participate in reintroducing themselves or "baptizing" themselves so to speak? Is there any social stigma? Do people Lie during this time, or remake themselves completely? I really love the concept and I have so many questions. Great article :D

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14 Jul, 2021 22:34

Attendance to the festival is not mandatory, and those who don't attend are not looked down upon at all -- that'd go against the spirit of the while thing D:   However, if they do go and aren't ready to reveal themselves, then on the first night they may remain masked, and are accepted as is -- disguise and all. The next day they can show up to the festivities unmasked, there to support and celebrate others. If people sense that they're holding something back, there's once again acceptance and understanding that they're not ready to talk <3   Thanks for the great questions! I will absolutely have to update it to add some more info on the Still-Masked individuals :D

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
15 Jul, 2021 11:42

My sweet He'an's own festival!   It's really a beautiful article, Stormy.   This is such an incredibly sweet and wholesome festival. I wish we had something similar here, where people ask you once again who you are.

16 Jul, 2021 06:54

It had to be something special for the special and wonderful He'an! <3   Thanks, Nae :) It was really rewarding to write something like this -- I kept thinking that this world has enough bad shit goin on, it's nice to give them something good too!   Now we just have to get this adopted IRL, too, haha.

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 Jul, 2021 12:23

This sounds like a really lovely festival :D do people tend to stay with their family or friend groups or do they also talk with complete strangers?

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18 Jul, 2021 05:14

There is a significant of mingling between complete strangers! Although, a lot of it depends on the age of the festival goers. Younger people generally like to stay around family, but as they mature they're more open to meeting new people and spending time with friends.   Thanks for the comment :D

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
20 Jul, 2021 22:54

I love how the festival progresses over the three days, and I particularly like that moment on the first evening when the masks come off. Feels like it must be cathartic, in a way.

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21 Jul, 2021 18:59

Thank you! And I think so too -- a bit of that, and a bit of feeling like taking a big breath of fresh air. :)

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
26 Jan, 2022 15:42

I really need to delve more into holidays and little traditions like this more. You do a wonderful job displaying how important this day is in the world. That being said, my favorite part of this is more than the holiday. I think my favorite touch here is the idea that He'an, this God-husk floating in space, loved humans for what they are.l, not what they could or should be. I dont think I ever mentioned it before but this sticks with me hard.

26 Jan, 2022 21:11

Thank you so much Dylon! <3 I'd love to as well, they're so important and interesting to explore!   And I'm really glad this article has that kind of impact, that's exactly what I was feeling and keeping in mind while writing it. There's a lot of darkness in Cathedris (and irl), and so I wanted to write something that made life a little bit easier -- accepting and loving people for who they truly are <3

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
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