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Stellumo Festival

The Stellumo Festival is a multiracial tradition in the country of Medius every year. True to its Vetus name, it's a ritual that worships and celebrates the night and stars created by Nox in the ancient era. It's still celebrated in the modern era as a festival where all of the races gather together to admire the night sky with the ancient ritual performed on the last day, which is now known as the Inlustris Ceremony.   While the festival only celebrates in the country of Medius, other countries and kingdoms join in the celebrations. This also creates the Conference of the Night Sky that lets leaders and monarchy come together to discuss and enjoy the festivities with their people.


During the celebration, everyone often comes together at the city's central area like a town square or a park where several booths and performances occur starting at 5 PM.   On Day 1, plays and concerts are the main attractions as they are inspired by The Three Eras of the Beginning myth. On Day 2, several traditions and cultures of other races and ethnicities are demonstrated in several booth as the Conference of the Night Sky takes place in the daytime. On the last day, the Inlustris Ceremony where several magicians and acolytes perform under the night sky as the citizens give their offerings to the moon.   Also, there is a small tradition created by the youth of Medius that if they give a Star Mana Stone or a star-shaped object to their significant other, their lives are bound forever by love and hope.


Originally a one-day ritual, the festival occurs in three days in the summer of Ventus with the last day set during the full moon. This is to ensure that many will enjoy the festivities before the ritual commences.
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