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Vastus is a region located in the Dens continent. It is infamous for its barren lands and unnatural phenomena and many failed expeditions that caused numerous casualties and disappearances of explorers and Adventurers, earning the nickname "Feral Deadlands".


North of the region mostly consists of the badlands with several ruins of a former civilization rumored to build there before it was destroyed in the Retribution Era. It also has a few villages filled with hunters and mercenaries living there with a few ruins serving as homes to some bandits and terrorist organizations.   West is where the desert area lies filled with bedrocks and cactuses lying around the lands. Most of the ruins there already sank beneath the dunes for years with the land's population has nothing more than monsters and dangerous animals such as sandworms and sharks roaming there. There were also rumors of several oases in the middle of the desert.   The east is where the coastal line stands that connects to the rivers flowing from the oceans to the mainland of Dens. Deceptively peaceful, the rivers' log bridges are guarded by dangerous monsters such as remains of fallen hunters and Adventurers, crows, and trolls. It is also home to a special pond connected to the legends regarding the "pond of eternity".   Lastly, the southern area of the region is where the remaining civilization was sunken by the ocean from the Retribution Era. Outside, badlands surround the ruined city with several bedrocks lies in the corners of the area.

Localized Phenomena

Vastus is infamous for several weather phenomena that randomly appears in every area. From sandstorms in the sunken ruins, thunderstorms in the desert, and tornados in the coastal area, predicting them can be very difficult even for an experienced meteorologist. However, a skilled Beastfolk and Feles can overcome it by relying on their animal senses with the help of a magician.


Formerly known as Caducus, the region was formerly a flourishing city filled with blacksmiths and soldiers who served as part of Ferox's military efforts during the Summoned War. However, civilization faced several natural disasters created by the gods' wrath to stop the war at once. Unlike the other regions in Dens, Caducus didn't survive as only a few surviving residents remained and the war-focused region was no more.   Eras passed and eventually, the barren region was rediscovered and many researchers and explorers attempted to traverse the ruins to learn more about the past. Unfortunately, most of them became casualties and some disappeared into the strange weather. As more attempts were made, people eventually named the inhospitable region, "Vastus".
Alternative Name(s)
Feral Deadlands
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