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Barren People

Otherwise known as the Senfruktaj Restaĵoj by the people of Dens, they are a group of residents living in the villages in Vastus who are descendants of survivors from the Retribution Era. Most of the people are hunters who spend their time defending the villages from incoming monster migrations and rampages. Some are blacksmiths who inherited the skills and knowledge of the past smiths from the past.


Common Etiquette rules

The most common etiquette the Barren People blacksmiths before their forging observe is praying to the gods of Earth and Fire, Terrus and Impes through the statues or totems created in their forges before they soak their hammer with Mana-induced water.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

One of the common customs they observe is when they determine the outsider's worth by organizing a spar where the representatives of both sides fight until they surrender or judge's call, which the leader often serves as one for each spar.   Another tradition most people observe is a yearly hunting expedition where they hike through the nest where scouts discover any monsters that may be too dangerous for them to leave them for long.

Coming of Age Rites

There is a coming-of-age ritual for the Barren People where several youths who turned 15 are allowed to accompany experienced hunters in a special hunt where they hunt the Black Flight or its offspring, who migrate near the northern region.

Common Taboos

Due to their isolated nature and their dark past as the militaristic region, one of the taboos they avoid is to get involved in any global wars or conflicts between regions. This is because they fear their weapons will repeat the Summoned War and the wrath of the gods.   Another taboo related to their fears is sharing the weapons they made in their villages. This is to ensure that no one outside of their homes will ever use them in their military efforts, something that the mainland in the country of Fangs.
Parent ethnicities
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