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Desolate Shark

"Be careful when traversing through the desert. And if you encounter a pink blur, run."
- The third leader of the Permanet village
Unpredictable and invisible, Desolate Shark is one of the monsters living in the deserts of Vastus. It is also known as the "Predator of the Sands" by the residents of Vastus.   On the surface, its pink scales seem to be non-threatening to inexperienced hunters and Adventurers. However, its strange coloration allows it to blend through the sand whenever it was swimming or hiding in it, creating a perfect ambush to its unsuspecting prey. It's this monster alone is the reason why traversing through the desert makes it more difficult even with an experienced hunter and Adventurer.

Basic Information


One of the unique features of the Desolate Shark is its pink scales that it's not only sharp and rough enough to leave a wound even if it's touched, but it's durable enough to endure any stabs or slashes from normal swords and spears and any blunt attacks from a hammer and knuckles.   Along with the normal anatomy of a great white shark, it possesses a pair of arms resembling the wings of a wyvern with two fins attached to it, which it swings around as scythes. It also has small bipedal legs it uses when traversing on the surface and teeth that are strong enough to break the toughest of steel.

Ecology and Habitats

Despite its origins as a shark, the Desolate Shark lives in the sands of the Vastus desert as its home. It also serves as a location of his ambush as it swims under the desert to catch any unsuspecting prey who dares to pass through it.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It possesses an enhanced hearing through its fins, allowing it to detect a slight vibration in the sands. It also possesses enough Mana in its body to breathe fire breathes to burn its prey before chomping it down with its teeth.
Geographic Distribution

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