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Pariete is an Insignis cultural group found in the country of Signatio. They are known for creating exotic papers and canvases that most famous Scribes, painters, and magicians used to this day and the famous Willow Silk Linen, which serves as their famous exports around the kingdoms of Lucidus and the countries of Signatio and Medius. While most of the Pariete people are Insignis, some are mixed heritage of Elves and Insignis who lived in the southern part of Lingua. Because of this, some Pariete possesses green hair inherited from their Elf parents and have less Mana as their pure brethren. This made most magicians and Adventurers from that group skilled with Restoration and Wind magic and archery.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

As per their parent ethnicity, the Signataria, the Pariete's last name are based on elements of life and wind both in Litera and Drya Oratio.

Family names

For their family name, they are named after the Litera softwood trees such as Taxus (Yew), Alba Abiete (White Pine), and Cicutae (Hemlock). To some with the Elf and Insignis heritage, some of their names are named after Drya Oratio similar to their Litera counterparts.


Major language groups and dialects

Due to their mixed heritage, the Pariete are fluent with Litera, the language of the Insignis race, and Drya Oratio, the language of the Elf race.

Art & Architecture

As most of the Pariete families are a long line of paper and silk makers, some have created unique paintings and poetries based on the fairy tales of both races as well the legends of the Mana Guardians. Some are known to become dancers and actors who used part of their famous Willow Silk Linen in their costumes and outfits.

Coming of Age Rites

As they are part-Insignis, most of the Pariete children take part in the Sign Creation Ceremony once they turned 10. Also, they are also allowed to participate in the annual Nature Call Ceremony on their 12th birthday, which most Elves allow even pure Insignis children as long they are Pariete.

Common Myths and Legends

As part of the legends surrounding the mysterious Signa party, there is a myth revolving around a Pariete dancer who was rumored to calm the hearts of Seiryu's assassins with her dance. There are also rumors that the paper Pariete made was also used in the creation of the Grimoires of Signa.

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