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Isle of Solitude

"Be wary of the legends that surround that very island. You may not want to become a part of them after all, now would you?"
- A sailor from the Beyond docks
  The Isle of Solitude is a small island located on the shores near Beyond in Peritus. It is well-known for the many myths and legends revolving around it and the many exotic resources found there.


Despite it was rarely visited by Adventurers and researchers, it is found that it consists of several jungles and forests around the island and a few rivers moving from the ocean. Two of them are freshwater rivers and ponds that many fauna flocks due to its clear freshwater and exotic, yet delicious fruits. There is also a lone hill in the center of the island that has red glowing crystal-like formations at the top that sometimes mistaken as lava.


While the isle is far away from the Mana Landmarks in the mainland, it generates an unusual amount of mana that creates the fruits, flora, and minerals found there.

Fauna & Flora

Animals such as deer, birds, and fishes exist on the island, but there are several powerful monsters such as Black Eagles, Verdant Lions, and Feral Rats living there in several habitats found there. There are also rumors of fruits and herbs that enhance their health and Mana.

Natural Resources

Not as much is known about the resources found in the Isle of Solitude, but there were rumors of a wood that can enhance a magician's spells and an ore that can create the toughest of swords and maces.


The island was found by surviving sailors who were lost and desperate to find shelter there. Upon hearing the stories of monsters, strange weather, and resources that couldn't be found anywhere or in the Landmarks, several researchers and Adventurers traveled to the isle to learn more about its phenomena and fauna. However, out of 20 of them, only 3 Adventurers and 2 researchers were able to return to the mainland to report their findings. However, they remained classified to this day.   Ever since then, many began to spin stories and legends connected to the isle, and eventually, they named the empty island, "Arcanum Insulam" or in common language, "Isle of Solitude".
Alternative Name(s)
Arcanum Insulam
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