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Feral Insanity

Feral Insanity is a condition exclusively to the Beastfolk and Feles races. While it is rare, it is feared by both races as it caused them to lose their sanity and control, turning them into feral beasts in mind and body. It is also the source behind the discrimination against the races.


At this time, there was a lack of information regarding the cause of it. However, the only clues regarding it are that it's connected to the full moon at nighttime and most of the affected areas are forests or gardens in the Dens continent.


Most cases usually start with a high fever enough to weaken the patient for a few hours. After a while, they slowly experience mild to severe hallucinations and mood swings. After several more hours, the patient will grow feral as they slowly lose their human forms and minds until they become completely transformed into monsterous beasts.


As there was a lack of research towards this disease, there are no signs of treatment to cure the patients of the disease. So far, the only way to stop the fully-infected patient is death. However, there is a rumor of a spell that can calm the minds and return their sanity to normal, which can only be cast by a powerful Insignis mage.

Cultural Reception

Due to the cure and cause of the disease currently unknown, all of the Beastfolk and Feles races are feared to be infected by it. And with no signs of cure and treatment, many feel that having Feral Insanity is an undeserved death sentence.   To most races, they also fear witnessing one of them being infected to the point that some began to discriminate against them over the possibility of getting one despite its rarity.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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