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Merchant Guild

Known as the mecca of independent merchants and businesses, the Merchant Guild is one of the major guilds in several countries and kingdoms that supports any registered merchants and independent businesses. They are responsible for modernizing the trade of Lucidus and Medius and fund most of the other guilds' needs such as the Royal Intelligence's investigations, the magic academies' growing number of reading materials and magic tools, and the Adventurer's Guild's weaponry.   Some of the merchants assigned in this guild are sometimes associated with the Adventurer's Guild due to most Guild Leaders having a close business relationship with each other.


Along with the registered Merchants and Guild Leader as with other guilds, the Merchant Guild has some Treasurers who help some of them when it comes to taxes and counting their current earnings, receptionists, and soldiers who serve as security guards to protect the guild's Treasury.


Along with the Adventurer's Guild, the public, namely in Lucidus and Medius, sees the Merchant Guild as revered due to their staple profession and the number of merchants who became well-known today such as Akenzi Selyeal, the proprietor of Gaudium et Mirantibus, and Veniz Walki, the CEO of the Magtek Industries.   Due to their core beliefs, most merchants often create recommendations to beginners as their first step to have a large business in the city.

Public Agenda

As declared by the first Merchant Guild Leader, it aims to bring together aspiring merchants and business owners to help, inspire, and grow under one roof. Not only do they give advice to beginners, but they promised to help them set up their own shop if they are ready to strike out of their own.


Most of their amassed Lapi came from the taxes most merchants owned in the Treasury, which they used to buy several materials, carts, and any objects related to a merchant's livelihood as well as basic needs for the guild building.
Founding Date
Guild, Merchant
Leader Title

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