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The False Seer and the Apprentice

The False Seer and the Apprentice is a myth derived from the ancient documents from the Retribution Era. It is well-known due to its strange connection to the growing Mana Corruption plague.


After the god of the World declared their messengers became part of Volo and a warning, the time of Retribution was almost over. The Insignis race started to create their own civilization of their own and many races were starting to improve their lives after an era of survival.   But just as the era began to transition into the next, a lone seer of the Insignis race suddenly appeared in the growing kingdom. None of their brethren and neither of the former summoned knew them and the sages do not know this supposed seer. While most shrugged it off due to their sociable and friendly nature, a young Insignis sage apprentice became suspicious of her presence.   One day, they suddenly had a vision. A dark future for the world. She declared:   "Someday in this kingdom, darkness will reign this world. Humans, Elves, Beastfolks, Feles, and Insignis alike will fall and join as its servants. But someday after, a hero will come and they will come to banish the darkness."   After their vision, the kingdom began to encounter strange black miasma enveloped the forests and rivers as they saw several dead monsters and animals in its wake. Fearing for the end of times, most turned to the seer for answers. To see if they find the hero they were looking for. But before they could, the apprentice suddenly appeared and declared this.   "That seer is nothing but a sham! I saw everything! You polluted the mana with your own hands for your gain!"   The seer was shocked. They knew they didn't do such a thing and declared the apprentice as a heretic. But in a fit of panic, a bottle suddenly fell from their sleeves. A bottle that contained the corrupted Mana of their own making.   Betrayed and fooled, the king ordered their execution. But as the ax swung onto their head, the false seer declared their curse.   "You will pay, you heretics! The shadows! The shadows will come for you from my absence and the world you desperately try to build will fall by your own ignorance!"   However, the apprentice scoffed at their curse and declared this to the dying false seer.   "If you give a curse that brings humanity's downfall, then I will give my prophecy. A prophecy where two children will rise and bring forth light and truth once the era has come to its end!"   Once the miasma and the false seer disappeared from the world, the apprentice grew up into a powerful magician and while they knew that their prophecy might be a bluff on their own, their master believed that it may come whether it was true or false.

Historical Basis

Not as much is known about the myth's origins. However, researchers and historians believed that it might be connected to the Mana Corruption's origins as well the miasma that suddenly appeared. It also believed that the fake seer from the story might be the creator of this disease.
Date of First Recording

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