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"A Message to the King"

This series of letters was penned by Evan Elintio to the 10th king of Lucidus regarding his collaborated discovery with Alcora Oztar and Alphaeus Tazoru regarding the treatment of the Mana Corruption. While it's like any letter requesting their audience to the king at that time, it's mainly responsible for turning the dim events of the miasma and Mana Corruption outbreak caused by the Black Seer group.


True to its name, it's a letter that requested Evan and his collaborator's audience to the king in their attempts to persuade him to help them use Black Exorcism to the patients who have recently had their Mana infected by the miasma as well as a special spell to exorcise the corrupted Mana and a subjugation hunt for the source of the miasma. It also included several documents that served as proof of testing the treatment and the results that came with it.

Historical Details


After the Black Seer's disbandment and Eris Chao's arrest, the miasma outbreak grew rampant as many fell to the Mana Corruption and some turned into monsters after succumbed to them. As most spells and treatments the royal magicians and doctors gave were ineffective against this new disease, the people of Lucidus began to lose hope and some began to question their methods and treatments. With public support for the monarchy dwindling, the king's advisors decided to suggest the king cut their losses and euthanize the patients and some of the affected locations nearby.   Fearing for this, Evan worked together with Alcora and Alphaeus with the treatment until they realized they could exorcise the corrupted Mana from the patient's bodies with Black Exorcism and an artificial monster was responsible for the miasma.   He then penned this letter for a request for an audience to the king. While the advisors were suspicious that a cure was seemingly found, the king decided to accept the request, and eventually, Evan, Alcora, and Alphaeus's efforts turned the tides of the outbreak as they eliminated the source of the miasma with the help of the Adventurer's Guild and Royal Army.
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