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Mana Awakening

The Mana Awakening is a special ceremony aimed at 15-years-old Insignis candidates who wish to become sages or magicians. While Sign Creation Ceremony focuses on individualism, this coming-of-age ceremony focuses on awakening their inner strength in the form of Mana Manipulation ad discover their strengths and weaknesses.


Years after the Insignis race's inception, many other Insignis children were during the first years under the newly-founded Sage Council. Hoping to help them awaken their Mana sleeping inside them, the sages proposed a special ceremony inspired by the individualism they learned from the Sign Creation Ceremony and their journey that followed afterward. This inaugurated the Mana Awakening ceremony as one of Signataria's traditions.   As with the Sign Creation, the ceremony began to evolve in the succeeding eras from its simple ritual into a public event in every town and city in Signatio. By the time the Rebuild Era came, magic academies became prominent in some major Human countries, including Signatio. The ceremony then accepted all the staff from the academies to watch the ceremony to scout potential students as part of the friendly relationship between the countries and kingdom.


At the ceremony, the 15-years-old participants stand inside the magic circle in front of the full moon where several Sages in charge of the ritual stand before them. With a special spell in conjure with the ritual, the Sages perform a special magic dance before they envelop the children with a veil of light, causing their Mana to awaken inside their bodies.   After the ritual, participants are given 1 week to control and practice their performance. Once performance day comes, they stand in front of a crowd of people and the judges as they show the fruits of their labor. After that, the staff will sometimes approach some of the participants to extend their invitation to their respective schools.


The main participants are children who recently turned 15. It doesn't matter if their birthday is closer to the ceremony as long they just turn 15. It also applies to a participant who recently awakened their Mana outside the ceremony as the ritual also serves as a temporary limiter until the performances.   Along with the participants are the sages needed for the ritual and several observers, mostly the staff from the magic academies, and judges to determine if they have fully awakened their Mana and become worthy to become magicians and Sages.


The Mana Awakening ceremony is a two-week event every year where most ceremonies started at the full moon of the Stella month. The first day is when a special ritual takes place and the second day that takes place the week after is when the participants performed their newly awakened Mana.   However, there are times it had to be rescheduled the next day in case there were unforeseen circumstances that would disrupt the ceremony.
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