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Black Exorcism

Black Exorcism is a medical and magical treatment used to treat patients from Mana Corruption. Also known as the Decaying Extraction, this medical procedure combines the Insignis exorcism of old with the modern magic of the present.   This treatment was recently discovered by Alcora Oztar, Evan Elintio, and Alphaeus Tazoru in 932 during the mysterious miasma sightings where Mana Corruption became rampant. Ever since then, the treatment continued to improve throughout the years as it became a first-aid spell for experienced Light magicians due to the short time window placed upon the disease's infection.


As stated, it was used to treat Mana Corruption. However, it's required to use this treatment 2 minutes after the patient is infected. If it lingers for more than the said time limit, it will extract less corrupted Mana, leaving some physical deformations and side effects from the disease.   To enact this magical treatment, Black Exorcism requires a special Light/Restoration spell created for it and 4 magicians who knew Light and Restoration magic. By placing the patient onto a Light-based magical circle, the magicians must invoke the incantation seven times without interruption or else, it will fail. Once the corrupted Mana is extracted, it is stored within an enchanted container where it will be purified by experienced magicians or in rare cases, by a Mana Guardian.   During its research, there were several accidents and failures due to reaching the time limit or not able to enact the ritual properly. One of those cases caused one of the magicians to turn into a monster due to two of the participating magicians' fallout.
It was created by Alcora Oztar, one of the royal magicians, Evan Elintio, the great-grandson of the famed Christian Elintio, and Alphaeus Tazoru, the now-knighted Light magician of the Celestial Magic and Medical Centre.
Access & Availability
The treatment is available to the public such as magic schools, hospitals (notably the Celestial Magic and Medical Centre), and guilds as a first-aid spell.
As the Mana Corruption cases continued to rise as more miasma sightings have been reported, a Celestia doctor and magician, Alphaeus Tazoru along with the royal magicians, Alcora Oztar and Evan Elintio, visited Signatio to visit the magicians in their desperate attempt to find the cure.   Upon learning from the ancient documents the archivists and Sign Sages about the exorcisms used to extract the corrupted Mana from the Mana Landmarks, Evan suggested that they would use the same procedures from the ritual of old to extract the Mana from the patient.   Taking his advice, they first used the prototype procedure on an Insignis patient who was recently infected by that time. Following the sages' advice, they not only extracted the corrupted Mana, but they managed to free the patient from the effects of the Mana Corruption.   Eventually, they started to improve their breakthrough and they started to decrease the cases thanks to the extended research on the disease and the treatment.

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