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Obsonatus is a town located in the kingdom of Lucidus. It is known to have several host clubs and pubs that cater to all races as well as hosting concerts and live events such as the annual Zephyr Pageant. Many stars make their mark there, including the Diamond-Ranked Adventurer, Tali Everwind.   Despite the town's economy focuses on their tourism, they still have farmer's markets, general stores, inns, and a small branch of the Merchant's Guild for any passing Adventurers, explorers, researchers, and mercenaries.   While young Adventurers and visitors under 18 with a travel passport are allowed to enter for a Quest or restocking their belongings, they are not allowed to enter town during the night and if are staying there due to various reasons such as a subjugation Quest near the town, they will be put on house arrest until morning.


Due to the nature of this town, most of the residents here are adults who came from other countries, all of them are all races.


Despite its focus on entertainment, the town is well-protected by several soldiers and magicians who were stationed from Lucet City's Royal Soldier regiment.


It has a large courtyard at the center of the town that doubles as a stage for any live events and pageants. It also has two waterways and 3 bridges available in town.


One of the main attractions of¬†Obsonatus is the number of host clubs and pubs filled with entertainment and hosts from around the world such as Cat Nap, Animal's Paradise, and the famous Amare Entertainment. It also has the famous Zephyr Pageant, an annual event where ladies of all races show their looks and talents on stage to thousands of fans around the world.   As for the young Adventurers under 18, while they are not allowed to wander around at night outside of the inns they are staying in, some inns and hotels offer several entertainments and sparring events to cater to the adventurous warriors and mages who are staying there for a night.
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Town of Hosts

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