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Mana Weaver

Also known as the Mana Weaving Quill, this writing tool is known for creating original spells into the user's grimoire. Originally created by Evas Tirrel, it's a well-known pen that was recognized as one of the treasures of Lucidus.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

To use the Mana Weaver, the user must imagine what kind of spell they want to create based on the element and the form it will take. But while there are no limits to their imagination, the spells must be bound by the reality and physics of this world. So even if they can make a Wind spell that can cut through metal and wood through the power and velocity of the wind blade, they can't create a Fire spell that won't be extinguished by water and earth.   As they imagined the spell, the user writes the description of the invocation, its effects, and the form it will take into their grimoire with their Mana Weaver. Doing this can consume their Mana every minute thanks to the Mana Stone affixed in it that serves as the converter into the pages. They must write everything or else, the spell won't be fully created. The spell can also be improved or fixed by writing revisions.

Manufacturing process

Along with the usual construction of the quill pen, it must be enchanted through a series of spells and enchantments to fully convert it into a Mana Weaver, which could take weeks and a number of magicians to complete the procedure.


Ever since its creation, the Mana Weaver became not only a tool for high Sages and Royal Magician Commanders but as a symbol of their status of their experience in their fields and magic.
Item type
Due to the limited amount of materials needed to craft a Mana Weaver, only 10 pens are available in the world, notably in the kingdom of Lucidus.
11 inches
Raw materials & Components
One of the known materials used to make the quill pen, notably from the first Mana Weaver, are feathers of Suzaku, the Blazing Vermilion Phoenix, and the Azure Stones of the Bright Rocks. In later years, some Weavers are instead made with feathers of the Lava Phoenix.

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