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Signataria Order

The Signataria Order is a religious organization of holy knights and magicians of Signataria. Located in the country of Signatio, the order was originally founded a few years after the Insignis's initiation as the race to continue their duties as the mediums of the Gods and the protectors of Volo.   In the modern era, the Signataria Order started to become representatives of their ethnicity, and sometimes, Signataria when the leader of the country is unavailable. They also support any military efforts as long it doesn't relate to any civil conflict between countries, kingdoms, and groups.


The order functions both as a religious military and the royal magician court serving for Signatio's government. The sages serve as the figurehead and the strategists while the leading commander leads all of the squads assigned into the order. There are also some magicians who sometimes serve as diplomats during a diplomatic trip in other countries with some soldiers serving as their royal guards.


The order is very well-known to the Signatio people as they are revered both as holy order and the guardians of the country. However, for the other countries, reception and public opinion are mixed due to some of them feeling that the order was a bit restricted and controlling towards its members while others felt threatened by their growing power and authority towards the country.


The organization was founded by a powerful Insignis mage who was only known by the name of Exorsa, the Origin during the beginning of the Atonement Era. Originally formed as the crusade, the order grew in numbers and beliefs as years has passed and as the world began its advancements, it slowly became one of the delegates and the shadow authority behind the country's government.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Signataria Order was one of the groups that helped founded the government system imposed into Signatio. They often served as diplomats and envoys and sometimes helped out with the critical decisions made to impose new laws into the country.

Fides, Communicare, Spei

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Messengers of Volo
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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