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Narrow is a town located in the Fulgeo region. It is one of the major settlements in Insignis that focuses on mining Burning Gemstones and Mana Stones located near Mt. Gaudete, earning the nickname, "Town of Burning Miners". It is also where the main headquarters of the Stone Wall Company, one of the two Adventurer's Guild Signatio branches, and the Merchant's Guild Signatio branch were located.


This is one of the few towns that has a mix of Humans and Beastfolk who moved from their homes to work for a mining company, notably the Stone Wall Company. Insignis also lives in Narrow, who works there as accountants, enchanters, and Magitek inventors.

Industry & Trade

Being a mining town, Mana Stones and Burning Gemstomes are their famous wares as some became exports to the kingdom of Lucidus and the country of Medius. Most residents in the town work as miners and blacksmiths while some work as a weapon and general shops, inns, and bars catered to passing Adventurers, explorers, and mercenaries.

Guilds and Factions

Stone Wall Company is one of the famous companies of Signatio, known for their exports of elemental stones and Mana Stones to other countries and kingdoms.


Narrow was originally a small mining town on the verge of demolition by a mining company. The town tried everything to stay afloat, but the company trying to buy it were rumored to sabotage their attempts to export and sell their wares to Adventurers.   However, Wei Silex discovered a mine that contained a large amount of Burning Gemstones and Mana Stones in Mt. Gaudette and along with his circle of friends, he founded Stone Wall, and with their success, they managed to drive out the greedy company, which its CEO was arrested by fraud and sabotages, and revitalized Narrow into a town known today.
Alternative Name(s)
Town of Burning Miners
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