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Diamond Rank

The Diamond Rank is the last rank available for the Adventurer's Guild members to obtain. This is the most coveted as it represents the top-tier Adventurers in the Guild. As of 1020, only 5 Diamond-Ranked Adventurers are active in the guild.


In contrast to the Adventurers' claims of complete many Quests and jobs under the guild's jurisdictions, the only way to earned the rank is to prove your worth as a True Adventurer. Whether by selflessly protecting the people, accepting a near-impossible Quest, participating in a heroic deed against a large disaster to the city or town, or anything that is enough to impress the monarchy and the Guild Master, they have a shot of becoming Diamond-Ranked Adventurers.   Another qualification is that the fighting and magic skills they possessed on the field. From a rare element mastery to a powerful martial artist, they also earned it by proving to everyone how powerful they are in terms of strength and Mana Control.


As a Diamond-Ranked Adventurer, they are called by the Guild Master and sometimes, the monarchy to deal with impossible tasks and Quests of utmost importance or a major disaster that befalls the countries and kingdoms.


One of the main benefits of being a Diamond Rank is that they are provided with luxurious housing and equipment based on their requests. They also have the benefit of a higher pay rate and are considered celebrities to the public eye.   However, one important benefit is that they are sometimes invited for a political meeting alongside the Guild Master as representatives.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Diamond-Ranked Adventurer shows signs of abuse of their power against their peers, the Guild Master has the power to strip their ranks and demote them back to Peridot Rank as punishments. If their crimes are more severe than the others, then they will be removed and banned from the Adventurer's Guild forever.
Civic, Professional
Source of Authority
Guild Master
Reports directly to
Related Organizations

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