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Black Seers

The Black Seers Organization was a secret group operating in the kingdom of Lucidus. Consists of mostly rogue Insignis and Human magicians, they were infamous as the alledged terrorists behind the mysterious miasma outbreak that was plaguing the kingdom, thus bringing Mana Corruption into the world. They were also known to attack some magic academies near Lucet City and induced any monster rampages that almost destroyed nearby towns and villages.   The group, especially the founder, was rumored to be the basis of the legend, "The False Seer and the Apprentice".


Black Seers wasn't always known as a terrorist group. Founded by Eris Chao, she originally made the group an enlightened cult that supposedly predicted the future and fates of the important figure. Due to their correct predictions from their magic, people looked them up as seers and began to rely on them for several fortunes regarding their personal lives and future. As people began to flock, Eris Chao promptly renamed her group the "White Seers".


Unknown to the public, most of the predictions she and her followers made were premeditated, using some of her moles to gather data and use them to manipulate the public's favor towards her group. She also organized several coordinated attacks on some magic academies that she formerly attended with her shadow army, in which she aimed to use the stolen materials to unleash her greatest project: the miasma outbreak that drove the kingdom in near-extinction. The plan was simple: Create a plague that not even the greatest doctors and magicians could expel and use her fortune to predict a supposed hero that could save the kingdom, which was herself.   However, she found one miscalculation in her machinations. A young Evan Elintio was suspicious of her group and with the help of his colleagues, he exposed her tricks and named her as a culprit of the plague with several pieces of evidence against her. Eventually, she was arrested along with her followers following a battle and her group was forcefull disbanded.   Because of her machinations, the people never forget her as a criminal and thus renamed her group, the "Black Seers". However, after he was promoted to the royal magician, he feared it wasn't the last he saw Eris and her followers. In preparation, he slowly began creating revisions and helped his colleagues with the cure of the miasma's disease.

888 - 890 (Alledged)

Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
Nigrum Olim Videns

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