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Mana Stones

Mana Stone is a mineral that is found in the Fulgeo region of the Lingua continent. It is one of the vital resources of Lucidus, Medius, and Signatio that supports the whole region and thus, the main source of this material.


Material Characteristics

The Mana Stone are rugged stones that have living and moving Mana inside the crystal. When refined, it is turned into a dodecahedron light blue stone that has a sheen that you can see the Mana inside it very clearly.

Geology & Geography

Most of the Mana Stones are found in the Fulgeo region where underground caverns are common and many stones grew there. However, there are some areas available outside the region that has a minimum amount of Mana Stones, mostly near or underneath in a Mana Landmark.

Origin & Source

The ore mostly forms in the underground caverns near a mana flow. It usually grows from the dirt and rocks from 2-4 months.

History & Usage


To refine a Mana Stone, most oresmiths remove the dirt and debris that are stuck outside the ores, which sometimes, a mage helps out by using magic to remove minor impurities inside it. After that, most of the material is removed from any corrupted Mana by grinding and polishing it, creating a dodecahedron-shaped stone in the process.

Manufacturing & Products

Being the base of most magical tools and weapons, the Mana Stones are embedded into the center whether if it's in the cover of the grimoire, the tip of the staff, or fragments embedded inside the wand. Some Mana Stone is also used to power Magitek items alongside the Arcanic Crystal for an enhancement or extra power.


Trade & Market

Most of the Mana Stones are sold in several magic stores in most major cities and towns of Lucidus, Medius, and Signatio as staple materials for any Magecrafters.
Light blue
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