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Tali Everwind

Casanova Adventurer Tali Everwind (a.k.a. Eli)

Hailing from Signatio, Tali is known as the "Casanova Adventurer" to most of his peers due to his charismatic personality that attracts both men and women alike for his handsome appearance. However, never underestimate his appearance alone as he is one of the Diamond-Ranked Adventurers of the Adventurer's Guild, feared for his abilities with his grimoire and Mana Gunfighting combo style.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the family of famous family Scribes and bookmakers, Tali found his natural talent in enchantment at the age of 14, and with his parents' support, he not only created several staves for his father, but he made his very first grimoire in his first try. Impressed, his parents recommend him to a magic academy that he attended. There, he slowly made a reputation as the Casanova of Brightness in the academy, garnering tons of fangirls standing in the hallways whenever he walks there.   At the age of 19, he joined the Adventurer's Guild as a Hybrid Mage where he joined other Adventurers in several Quests, some were Urgent Quests involving Signatio's Mana Stone scam and the monster rampages in Dens. After the Great Seer Raid, he was promoted to Diamond Rank and earned the nickname, "Casanova Adventurer" due to his same charismatic personality towards other Adventurers and clients.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Along with his famous hunts and Quests that gained him the attention of other countries, one of the most recent ones was his involvement in the Great Seer Raid where he helped the army and other Adventurers arrest the remnants of the Black Seer. This was also where he gained another title "Grimoire Gunner" as he used both of his Mana Gun and grimoires to deal the finishing blow on the group's artificial Chimera.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
Lumen 19
Current Residence
Lucet City
Light green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
Aligned Organization

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