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Royal Guardians Grand Headquarters

The Royal Guardians Grand Headquarters is the main building and branch of the Royal Guardians, a subsidiary of the Royal Army that focuses on security and protecting the people of Lucidus from disasters and crimes.   It is also home to the current Guardian Chief and some of the captains of the Guardian Sectors.

Purpose / Function

Being the main branch of the Royal Guardians, the headquarters served as the offices for the Guardian Chief and the captains of the sectors. It also serves as a place to report any crimes and any suspicious activities found in Lucet City to Guardians who worked in the desks or support. It doubles as the training area for new Guardians who were recently graduated from the Guardian academies.   It sometimes serves as a temporary prison for any caught criminals, awaiting judgment to minor offenders and a trial to the ones with the severe crimes to determine whether they are sentenced to prison or not.


Originally built as the only branch of the newly formed Royal Guardians, the building was a two-story building meant to serve as the offices where they were briefed on the current situations of the city.   But as the Guardians grew as an enforcement body and Magitek slowly became the norm, the headquarters were rebuilt from the ground up, adding 1 more floor and a basement meant for a training gym while adding in some portal elevators and special magic crystals to communicate to other branches in Lucidus.


While not a tourism spot, the Guardians have special programs aimed for crime prevention and safety to young children, especially to tourists and young Adventurers. They offer programs that allow them to participate in several roles as a Guardian and special tours around the headquarters. They also offer some tourists and Adventurers to join in their exercises and training meant for Guardians as their firsthand experience into the field.
Police/Fire station
Parent Location

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