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Familiars are magical being derived from animals created specifically as working animals. Originally created to serve the Insignis magicians in the Atonement Era, the familiars became a part of the magicians and selected Adventurers' lives as partners and servants in their respective fields, most notably in the kingdom of Lucidus and the country of Medius.   Using the special Mana Stone called the Servus Stone, a user can call upon a familiar that creates a contract that bounds them to become master and servant respectively. Some users even visit areas based on their favored element to have greater chances of summoning their desired familiars.   As they were created by the Mana Guardians based on their images, most of the familiars are based on canines, felines, birds, and aquarian creatures. Dragon familiars do exist, but there are mostly rare and no one outside of the Insignis race is able to summon them.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Familiars have four growth stages depending on the experiences gained from serving their masters. Based on their diet, fighting style, masteries, and bond, they grow and evolve differently from other familiars.   The first stage is Infancy. True to their name, they are too young to control and produce enough mana to release an attack, thus leaving them defenseless. While it's rare to summon a familiar in their infant state, many who are somewhat unlucky have to feed and care for it like a baby.   The second is Juvenile. This is the stage where many Familiars are summoned through the Servus Stone. As they reached the age where they can fully control their Mana, allowing them to fully served their masters as their familiars. However, they are still children in terms of maturity and they still have room to grow as familiars.   The third is Prime. Akin to an adult, the familiar grew physically bigger and gained more powerful abilities. They also gained a bit of sentience and personality depending on how much their master took care of them.    The final stage is Elder. As the familiar reached the peak of their lifetime, their strength is now on par with a Mana Guardians by the third as they can use any abilities that allow them to manipulate weather and their surroundings based on their elements. Owning an Elder Familiar is a proof that you're a skilled tamer.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Familiars are known to be servants to several Adventurers and magicians throughout Lucidus and Medius. While most of them treat them as tools and their namesakes, some treat them more as partners and even pets. There are some masters who even treat their familiars as their beloved friends.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As the pseudo-descendants of the Mana Guardians, they possessed Mana that lets them create a variety of magical attacks such as elemental breaths, elemental manipulation, and physical and magical enhancements to their masters and allies.
Conservation Status
While most of the familiars still extant around the kingdoms of Lucidus and Medius, their crystals used to summon them are carefully controlled to avoid trafficking and abuse. But while it wasn't mentioned, it is rumored that the dragon familiars are extinct due to their rarity and no sightings even in the present day.
Geographic Distribution
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