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Festival of The Veil

This was inspired by the World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021. This is for the article: A festival associated with a celestial body


The Festival of The Veil has been passed down orally since before written history. It was said to have been passed down to the sentient races of the world by Sable Haru. It has not changed much in the last 5000 years. This is due to Sable Haru appearing after the eclipse for a short time every year. She reminds people of the festival and rewards those who participate.


The Festival of The Veil takes place during the day of the eclipse under the umbra. It lasts for 24 hours. This is when the gateway to the realm of spirits is easiest to cross. Diviners determine the time and place were the umbra is nearest every year.   Pilgrims of Sable Haru make their way to the umbra every year as it is the most sacred spot for the festival to take place. Some times the nearest spot under the umbra is in the ocean. In these cases the Pilgrims create a temporary ice town to hold the festival.   The pilgrims are expected to fast during this day. Fasting in this way increases one's own connection to the spirits.   At this time common folk make offerings of seeds at graves of lost family members. All who participate in the Festival Wash them selves at the start of the day and at the end of the day. Washing ones self this way cleanses the impurity of one's own spirit.


The Festival of The Veil is mostly celebrated by those that honor Sable Haru. The most important people in this are the diviners and priests of Sable Haru. The diviners that have determined the location are often given monetary rewards and gifts for they play an important role to the festival-goers. The priests manage and take care of the festival as a whole.

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