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Aton's Rebirth

A celebration takes place only once per 27 years when all nine celestial moons are displayed in synchronised harmony upon the night sky. It is every 27 years that these liner bodies lying perfectly, causing some to believe this to be a sign of good fortune and divine power. Those who worship Aton, clerics and paladins find themselves imbued with immeasurable holy energy, which they channel into their lunar rituals. His followers believe the nine moons to be a piece of him and that when they own is constructed a new. This tradition states that Aton, contrary to his brothers and sisters, can only physically manifest his mortal avatar during the alignment. He is said to embody a human being whose bodies made of pure platinum the mask of an animal, constructed of silver and gold with eyes of the purest white opal. Wherever he treads a beam of moonlight follows, through which partakers in the festivities can channel, harvest and imbue items with divine power. During celebrations and anointed feast of specialised lunar grown crops is hosted across the world, with those partaking feeling a surge of vitality. Following the conclusion of festivities, upon the sum cresting the horizon line, he then walks to the nearest peak, traditionally with a procession of his celebrants and he skills it to the summit, preferring to be as close to celestial bodies as possible. He will then soar upwards to the sky and has platinum rings leaving a trail of silver dust as he flies and when dawn breaks, he implodes into a cloud of platinum and gold coins which spanned multiple continents in width, explaining the brief surging economy every 27 years. This surge has resulted in an overall surge of raised emotions throughout the many kingdoms of Iaxovar, leading to new alliances in some extreme examples.


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