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Festival of Tiamatu's Rain

Every year at the beginning of spring all the people across Asmutum celebrate the opening of the heavenly portals that bring rain to the world and provide new life for sustenance. People know to prepare for the festival about a month in advance because the 3 stars of Mummu form a triangle in the sky. Over the next month, the stars move closer and closer together until they all intersect making an extremely bright star in the night sky. On that night everyone across all of Asmatum celebrates with drinks, food, games, and all sorts of other enjoyable activities.


The History of the festival starts with when the Asmatian people looked to the sky to make accurate time tracking methods. Observers found that year after year a bright star appeared in the sky right before a season of rain came to the lands to bring life to the world. after some years of study, they realized it was three heavenly bodies that formed the great star. The three stars are named horizon, gate, and convergence and symbolize the horizon or the coming of new life, the gate or the portal to the celestial realm, and the convergence of both Asmatum the celestial realm through the waters of life. Observers agreed that this must be a gate to the spiritual world where Mummu gives a new life force to the people of Asmatum that Ninti and Matum brought into the world.   Originally a small tribal celebration and sacrifice to the gods soon grew into an all-out extravaganza with people putting on recreations of the creation narrative, poetic retellings of the Awekiati lore, special seasonal food, drinks, music, decorations, and more.


The observance isn't mandatory but it is highly widespread and the major of Asmatian people take part in the celebration regardless of their beliefs. The festival always takes place on the day of convergence and that day can vary from year to year.

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