Changing of the Moon


Celebrated the 5th day of every odd month the Changing of the Moon is a festivle held primarily by the Beastfolk but has become part of general Gorgewald culture. Its purpose is to celebrate the return of Katter after it was used as a magical focal point for a Cult of Change.

The Ritual

Like most Beastfolk holidays, the Changing of the Moon starts with a large feast of meat in dedication to the many forms of Quatzicalix. Once all of the food is consumed, and all of it must be consumed, the participants partake in dances and games that represent when their people were driven mad by the moon. The ritual comes to an end when the sun begins to rise.

Cult of Change

With their leadership and their numbers unknown, the Cult of Change were able to contain, direct, and harness the Domain of Change through horrific rituals performed on the then Archangel of Change, Quatzicalix. Using the larger moon as a type of mirror, they attempted to abuse the Faith of the Archangel to drive nearly all Beastfolk insane. They were successful for several months but eventually Quatzicalix was freed.

General Information

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