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Drying the Eyes of the Goddess

It is known that the Goddess cracked the Hub of the Great Wheel to bless her beloved people with the gift of Habi. It is said that She cried for the cracks in the Wheel as Her people gave thanks for the mighty gift.

Every century there comes a star that crosses the sky, trailing fire behind it that reminds us of that day. On the day that the star hangs above The Hole the the Hub Made we celebrate the gifts of the Goddess and her consort, the Right-Hand God and the Left-Hand God. We give thanks so that the Goddess may know that we see Her grief and appreciate Her gifts.


As long as humans have been living on the shores of the Holy Dam, so long have they celebrated the Tear's arrival.

Each century sees a diffirent ritual however as the Balancer determines the exact shape of the ritual. The last Dry Eyes was celebrated by habieurs dancing the fire patterns of the Goddess on barges that were anchored on the edge of the Hole in the Holy Dam. This play of fire on water was largely celebrated as one of the greatest in history. The astrologist have not yet announced the next coming of the Tear, but given that nearly a century as passed, time is surely pressing on the Balancer to provide a new ritual.


The only constant thing about the Dry Eyes festival, as it is colloquilly known, is change. The Balancer is the one who determines the shape of the ritual. The astrologist predict the advent of the Tear and the year before the Tear is due, the Balancer will send runners to each of the cities that border the Holy Dam bearing instructions for the celebration. The only thing that remains constant, century upon century, is that glory must be given to Goddess.


The rituals take place on the night when the Tear seems to stand steady over the The Hole the the Hub Made

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