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Sangwheel Chronicles

1874 CC

Created by

I am writing a fantasy novel and this is my world. My first book, The Hidden Blade, is focused is on the Empire of Lumiaron. It is home to sixty five million people according to the last 10 year census done in the second week of Summer in 1870 of the Claudin Calendar. Lumiaron sprawls on a continent partially in the arctic circle. The majority of the Empire is located on the Blutben Peninsula, a large and fertile plain with rivers flowing down from the Luminar mountains to the north to the Frammet Sea in the South. The Empire is divided into five duchies and the Imperial lands, which is directly controlled by the Emperor. The Duchies are further divided into Counties which are finally divided into Baronies. In addition there are two free cities, the City of Evart and the City of Bronbad.   The souther continent, which is introduced only in book two, is called Kisangi. It is a massive land, to be explored and defined in summer camp 2021.   My first book, The Hidden Blade, is officially published:
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