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The Hole the the Hub Made

On the southern continent of Kisangi, to the west of the Arm of the Gods, lies the giant lake simply called The Holy Dam. In the center of the Lake there is a deep blue hole that is perfectly round. The water of the Hole is always clear blue, no matter the weather, nor yet the season. It is said that if one is brave enough, or foolish enough, you could dive down to the depths of the Hole and there you would find the Hub of the Wheel which the Goddess pushed out when she gave us the gift of Habi.

There are always young men and a few young woman, who try this on their Temple Day. Most survive the experience. None have found the Hub.


The lake that has grown up around the hole is irregularly shaped as it has been millenia since its formation. In the center of the lake is a column of water that is perfectly round. The blue of the water is always clear, as though it was a warm summer day. It is in the deepest part of the lake and none have ever reached the bottom of the lake and lived to tell the tale.


There are an extradonairy number of fish species who live in the Holy Dam. In addition to fish, Blue Cranes make their nests in the reeds around the edges of the lake and in the shallow waters, a rare species of freshwater seahorse may be found.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Blue Cranes migrate north during the winter months. Their return to the lake in spring is always welcomed with a feast in the Holy City of Magadla where it is said that once the Cranes return, the year is well begun. If the cranes return after the spring equinox, superstition holds that it will be a bad year.

Localized Phenomena

The water in the hole is alway a light clear blue. The bottom of the hole can never be seen despite this.

Alternative Name(s)
Hub Hole, Hub Lake, Wheel Lake
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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