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King's Light

The celebration of King's Light is the holy day of the Dawn King, taking place on the summer solstice. It has long been seen as the day where the Dawn King's influence on the mortal world is at its strongest. Many will take the chance to launch crusades against the undead in Eis'Forat or against the Blightbringer's priests or followers. To the less militant it is a day to celebrate in the sun, this often involves some form of feasts, games, and even parades to praise the sun and the god that rules over it.


The day has always been important to the faith of the Dawn King, the belief that there is extra power from their god, and that they are being directly watched and aided on this day above any other leads to greater acts of faith to prove themselves to or bring glory to the Dawn King. As the day is important to those clergy and warriors of the Dawn King their families would also celebrate but in less deadly ways.   These celebrations would turn into gatherings between families whose spouses or parents were off fighting. A time to pray for the safety of their loved ones. Games were had for the children and eventually, the traditions spread further afield until they worked their way into the cultures of the people of the world.


King's light is celebrated by every nation in the Mortal Empires, the elves do so a bit differently they pay homage to the Dawn King but their celebrations focus more on the time of the year than the glory of a god. The Draz Tyran is over all less religious and they also acknowledge the deity that is bound to the sun, but the holiday is not anything special to them.


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